Cleaning And Protecting Your Workplace From Viruses Like COVID-19

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In recent years we’ve all become more aware of how letting good hygiene slide can have disastrous consequences. So Save The Day Restoration offers excellent domestic and commercial cleaning services in Los Angeles.

Whether you need a deep clean because someone is sick, or general commercial cleaning, you can count on us to leave your office beautifully clean and safe.

What’s The Difference Between Commercial And Domestic Cleaning?

We’ll always approach both types of job with the seriousness they deserve. Here are the key differences between the tasks.

Workplace Cleaning

This can be more complicated in terms of containing viruses, if several people have been present in the building. If your commercial premises are open to the public then more people could be carrying viruses inside.

On the upside, office cleaning can be more straightforward because they’re usually clearer. In a workplace there tend to be more clear surfaces with fewer items such as ornaments or DVDs that you’d find in a home.

Cleaning A Home

There are likely to be many fewer people potentially bringing viruses into a home, so that’s some good news. However in some cases, homeowners neglect regular home cleaning because it’s not necessary to receive clients there.

The High Risk Areas That Need Extra Cleaning

In every commercial premises there are areas that are more frequently used. Where are these areas in your office? We’ll bet it’s the lobby, meeting rooms, bathrooms and kitchen area.

Here are some of the items in your office that you should focus on as part of thorough workplace cleaning.

workspace cleaning

  • Doorknobs.

  • Drawer handles.

  • Stair rails.

  • Light switches.

  • Remote controls.

  • Shared items such as pens and shared computers.

Commercial Cleaning Checklist

Disinfecting an office space is quite a job that needs to be done right. Here’s what we’ll tackle when we come for a thorough clean at your place of work.

Communal Areas

  • Doors and door handles.

  • Handrails.

  • Items around entrances such as plants.

  • Elevators, and their internal and external buttons.

  • Trash and recycling points.

  • Lockers.

  • Water coolers.

Inside The Office

  • Tables and desks.

  • Chairs.

  • Drawers and handles.

  • Pens and stationery.


  • Shared touch screens such as climate control devices.

  • Remote controls.

  • Keypads, especially shared ones.

  • Light switches.

  • Vending machines.


  • Microwave.

  • Coffee pots.

  • Table and chairs.

  • Crockery.

  • Pans.


  • Bathroom surfaces.

  • Bathroom basins.

  • Toilets, toilet stalls, locks and door handles.

We know, this is quite a list. You can help make the cleaning job easier by minimizing the objects to clean in the office. A couple of pens is normally sufficient rather than tons of them, for example.

How Should Surfaces Be Cleaned To Prevent The Spread Of COVID-19?

Save The Day Restoration has access to the most powerful, industrial-grade cleaning products you can get. So germs and viruses are killed instantly and you can rest assured you can use the space as usual again after we’ve left.

The products we use for commercial cleaning are kind to your health too.

When we clean an office we consider how many people use the space. And whether anyone has COVID-19 or any other transmissible virus right now. In normal circumstances where no-one has COVID-19 and there’s a moderate amount of people, it’s enough to clean thoroughly with disinfectant once a day.

Can The Coronavirus Survive On Surfaces?

Yes it can, although how long COVID-19 can live depends on the type of surface and the conditions.

Types Of Surface And How Long The Coronavirus Can Live

Here’s the maximum time that COVID-19 can survive on different surfaces. It makes for pretty hair-raising reading but remember this is in the worst case scenario.

protecting workspace from viruses

Plates And Dishes

5 days.

Glass: Windows, Mirrors And Drinking Glasses

5 days.


This varies wildly depending on the strain of COVID-19, from a couple of minutes to up to 5 days.

Wood: Furniture And Kitchen Utensils

4 days.

Plastic: Microwaves, Remote Controls, Computers

72 hours.

Stainless Steel: Cutlery

72 hours.

Cardboard: Boxes

24 hours.

Aluminum: Cans And Furniture

2-8 hours.

What Workplace Conditions Will Kill COVID-19 On Surfaces Naturally?

These are the conditions that will minimize the lifespan of COVID-19 on surfaces.

  • Well-ventilated areas.

  • Sunny places.

  • Areas exposed to over 160°F such as inside a microwave.

How COVID-19 And Other Viruses Can Harm Your Business

Short Staffing

The most important thing is that anyone with COVID-19 needs to stay at home. Poor quality commercial cleaning can quickly lead to understaffing issues if several people get infected at once.

You Lose Money

If you can’t provide such a good service with reduced staff, you’re likely to lose loyal customers.

Low Morale

Anyone who has to take on unfamiliar extra work or work longer hours may quickly start to feel stressed or depressed.

Fear Of Infection

It’s easy to get worried about getting infected. After all, COVID-19 and other viruses can be transmitted through the air or through contact between people or surfaces.

Poorer Mental Health

If staff feel they’re in an unsafe environment, pre-existing mental health conditions such as obsessive compulsive disorder and anxiety can get worse.

What To Do When Your Co-Worker Has COVID Or Another Virus

This situation needs to be approached extremely systematically. Don’t enter the area where your co-worker was working, if this is possible.

Then call Save The Day Restoration. We’ll use industrial strength cleaning products to really show the viruses who’s boss. When you clean an office, everything they touched has to be considered. This includes their keyboard, office supplies, desk and chair.

How about the carpet? We have special vacuum cleaners with HEPA air filters that remove toxins and leave the air perfectly clean.

How To Protect Your Health While Cleaning

The best thing to do is to hire Save The Day Restoration. We don’t only restore! We also provide meticulous domestic and commercial cleaning services.

How do you know we’re so good? In many of our jobs we deal with mold and smoke residue which can be extremely bad for your health. So we’re used to doing a 100% thorough cleaning job every time. And we don’t just do the surfaces. We leave the air you breathe toxin-free too.

Stay Safe And Let Save The Day Restoration Handle Your Commercial Cleaning In Los Angeles

Keep everyone healthy in your workplace. Call us 24/7 at (562) 246-9908 or write us a quick note using our website contact form.

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