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After a fire, you might not know where to begin with the cleanup and restoration. Coming home for the first time can be devastating as you assess the damage to your house and the items within. Before reentering your home after a fire, however, there are several hazards to consider.

Your home’s interior could contain debris that may cause you to fall or trip. Another major concern as you reenter your home comes in the form of electrical injuries. Always be careful if you are entering your home after a fire, as unseen dangers could be prominent. Moreover, it’s important to follow the instructions from fire officials. When you aren’t sure how to begin your fire damage restoration journey, contact Save the Day Restoration!

The Restoration Process

If your home has been impacted by fire, then it’s important to first reach out to your local authorities, insurance provider(s), public adjuster, and restoration company. By contacting this network of professionals, you can ensure that your property is taken care of during the fire damage restoration process. A restoration company will first assess and inspect your home to identify what damage was done and to what extent. Next, the restoration company will create a blueprint for restoration and carry out the steps, which could include items such as handling smoke residual removal and water damage from the fire being put out. Lastly, the restoration company will clean, repair, and restore your home. Contact Save the Day Restoration today to learn more!

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