When Should I Get Professional Cleaning & Disinfection Services?

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Considering professional cleaning and disinfection services? Sometimes it’s just best to call in the professionals, with specialized equipment and powerful cleaning products. Let’s take a look at when you should contact a cleaning service for your home or commercial premises.

You don’t have the time

You probably work full time. So do you really have the time to do a deep-clean on your home? Even though it really needs it?

Don’t sacrifice your precious weekend recharge time when you don’t have to.

You find it overwhelming

These past years have been tough. It’s no wonder that you don’t find the time to keep your home in the condition that you’d like. And the longer you leave it, the dirtier it gets. And the dirtier it gets, the longer it takes.

Just leave it to a pro. You’ll feel a sense of relief knowing that’s one boring chore you don’t have to do.

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There’s an odor

Mold damage? Smoke damage? Sewage damage? The smells just won’t go away no matter how much you ventilate the area.

That’s because some odors are hard to remove with products that are available to the general public. Save The Day Restoration has access to the best chemical products that destroy odor and leave your home with a pleasant fresh scent.

It’s a health hazard

Mold damage

Do you have water damage? Act fast because it’s probably on its way to turning into mold damage. And mold is terrible for your health. Mold can even kill, especially if you or someone in your home or business has respiratory problems.

Get it looked at by the pros right now because mold only spreads and destroys.

Smoke damage

Smoke damage to your home is really bad for your health too. Why? You’re breathing in the microscopic particles, and they are often toxic depending on what was burned in the first place.

Plastic? Fiberglass? Really toxic for your body.

There’s sewage involved


And sewage is a huge health risk if you come into contact with it. Leave it to our trained team who have heavy duty protective gear and powerful products to tackle the stains and odor.

You don’t want to fall foul of the law

Do you need mold, fire damage or sewage cleaned up at your commercial premises?

Suppose one of your team were to clean up something hazardous and get sick. It often happens when people don’t have the right equipment. Then their health issues would be your legal liability. All the Save The Day Restoration team is insured, so you’re covered.

professional cleaning service insurance

Commercial premises? You need to stay COVID-19 safe

Similarly, these days you may need to prove you are doing everything necessary to keep your staff safe. Areas that get a lot of foot traffic like bathrooms and kitchens need to be cleaner than ever.

An investment in the health of your staff pays off in less stress, higher employee satisfaction and fewer sick days.

Someone’s sick in your home or commercial premises

Whether it’s COVID-19, flu or something else, you should keep everyone else safe from it. Thorough cleaning and disinfection services will ensure that everyone stays healthy.

Making and insurance claim

If you’re making an insurance claim for damage, the insurance company will want to see proof you had it cleaned professionally. That way you’re covered in the future.

Say you had mold damage and made an insurance claim for it. You’d have to contract a licensed mold remediation specialist like Save The Day Restoration for the cleanup.

Having a baby

If you’re having a baby you have enough to do without the stress of cleaning your home. And if you’re pregnant you need to take care not to breath in harsh chemical products, too.

Babies have fragile immune systems. So give your little one the best start in life by welcoming him or her into a beautifully clean, disinfected home.

Preparing for visiting relatives

It’s always nice to visit people in a spotless home. And say you have aging parents. You’ll want to keep them safe from COVID-19 and any other nasties.

Entertaining guests

Balloons? Check. Food and drink? Check.

But don’t forget about cleaning and disinfecting your home. You’ll keep your guests COVID-safe plus it will create the best first impression.

covid cleaning services


Pollen season can be one big nasal irritation. Or perhaps you’re allergic to your pets.

Those tiny particles get absolutely everywhere. Do you really have time to deep clean the whole property?

Allergens even stick to couches and curtains, so it’s a big job. And while you’re cleaning something you’re allergic to, it can make your symptoms even worse.

A professional deep clean of your property can make a huge difference to your quality of life.

Selling your home

When potential buyers walk through the door of a spotless home, they instantly feel at home. The space looks bigger and brighter, and they feel like they could move in right away.

You also need restoration work

Cleaning up soot damage is only half the job if then you need fire damage restoration. And it’s the same story with water and mold if then you need mold remediation.

It’s best to kill two birds with one stone and have the same company cleaning and restoring.

Extend the lifespan of your home

When a professional cleaning team gets going, we sometimes catch the start of stuff you hadn’t seen. Like early mold growth, a pest infestation or a leak. Nipping all of these in the bud will mean your property stays in great shape.

Call us for cleaning and disinfection services in Southern California

Dirty, stinky situations only get worse the longer you leave them. So contact Save The Day Restoration to get your property pleasant again in no time.

Call us at (562) 246-9908 or get in touch by email. We even offer 24/7 emergency services if you need disaster cleanup too.

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