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There’s nothing quite as shocking as discovering a water leak and water damage in your home. Water leaks come in all shapes and sizes, but even the smallest leak can cause big problems. Left untreated, leaks create the perfect environment for dangerous mold growth.

If you’ve uncovered a water leak in your home, you might feel tempted to fix it yourself, but be careful – unexpected dangers are likely present! For instance, unclean water can be an issue, as well as possible electrocution. If you can, it’s always best to contact a professional for water damage restoration.

The Restoration Process

When you’ve just discovered a water leak, dealing with water damage can seem overwhelming. The first place to start, however, is contacting your local authorities (when applicable), insurance provider(s), public adjusters, and restoration companies. When your restoration company comes in, they will begin by assessing and inspecting the water damage done in your home.

Then, your restoration company’s team will begin to extract water. Part of this process includes testing the water for health hazards and water quality, setting up humidity control and industrial dryers, and decontaminating the property as needed. Last, clean up, repairs, and structure restoration will be addressed. If you’ve discovered a water leak in your home, contact Save the Day Restoration for a consultation. Our team will walk with you step by step through the entire water damage restoration process to yield results that exceed your expectations!

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