How To Clean Your Business After COVID-19, And Keep It Clean

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How to clean your business after COVID is a common concern for responsible California business owners. After all, COVID-19 in your workplace can be a total disaster. Firstly, a disaster in terms of the health of your staff. But also an economic disaster while the business grinds to a halt.

The Save The Day Restoration team knows its stuff on sanitation. Because it cleans and disinfects business premises all over Southern California to fight COVID-19.

So how should you sanitize your office for coronavirus? It depends on whether it’s a preventative measure, or whether someone has been there with coronavirus.

How To Keep Your Business Sanitized Against COVID-19

According to the CDC, if no-one in your workplace has come down with COVID-19, then cleaning the area daily is enough.

Make sure you choose disinfectants which are EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) approved and ventilate the area well. Work methodically and wear a high quality disposable face mask. Good choices include the N95, KN95, or surgical masks.

These top quality face masks will not only protect you from virus spores. But also from dust, pollen, and the cleaning chemicals themselves.

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How To Clean Your Business After Covid

So your coworker has COVID-19. What should you do? He or she would have been in several parts of the shared building. This means we’re not just talking about sanitizing and disinfecting the desk and chair. But also the halls, restroom, and the kitchen.

You probably don’t have the extra time required to sanitize the entire building by yourself. Not only that, but you’re limited by the disinfectants that are available for sale to the public.

If you want to be sure you’re keeping everyone safe, call in an expert cleaning team like Save The Day Restoration. We have 24/7 emergency services because we know how alarming exposure to COVID-19 can be. And we know just how to disinfect offices after COVID-19.

Sanitizing and Disinfecting the Air

Coronavirus is getting more contagious than ever now so it’s vital to care about the air.

When our team carries out a deep clean in workplaces with air scrubbers, they wear full respirator masks which filter out tiny particles.

When was the last time you had your HVAC equipment maintained? It’s paramount that your heater and AC units aren’t moving the virus around. Moldy HVAC units are a joy for viruses, and are a leading cause of mold damage.

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Desks and Hard Surfaces

When Save The Day Restoration comes in to disinfect offices for COVID-19, we do it right. There are heavy duty industrial disinfectants that you just can’t buy from stores. And this is what we use to make sure your workplace is safe.

These industrial disinfectants not only kill coronavirus but other bacteria and viruses that could harm you and your coworkers.

Sanitizing and Disinfecting Fabrics

Often, we leave extra sweaters or other items of clothing around our workspaces.

So what’s the best way to disinfect them? Handle them gently so you won’t make any coronavirus contaminants airborne. Next, wash them on the warmest setting that you can for the type of material. Finally, sanitize your hands after handling the dirty laundry.


The first thing to do is carefully remove loose dirt and dust without making it airborne. Then, depending on the type of floor, we use an industrial machine with scrubbers.

Combined with high strength disinfectant this is the most effective way to clean your business after COVID.

After Your Business Is Sanitized Against COVID

After disinfecting everything, we discard any materials that may be contaminated, such as wipes. When it’s finished we disinfect our industrial cleaning equipment.

Get Your Coworkers on Board

Make it easy for people to keep their hands clean, keep a distance, and breathe clean air. And that way, they protect themselves and everyone else naturally.


  • Keep the building well ventilated.

  • Have your HVAC equipment serviced.

Sanitizing Products

  • Ensure there is always enough soap in the restrooms and kitchen areas.

  • Provide free hand sanitizer around the building, and this should be at least 60% alcohol.


  • Limit sharing resources such as computers or stationery.

  • Consider wearing masks according to your circumstances.

  • Think about how you could add screens to act as a barrier, especially if you have customers on your business premises.

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  • Stagger coffee break times.

  • Give employees the choice about when they start and finish work.

Work Culture

Going Virtual Means Zero Infection Risk

Do you really need to have that meeting in person, with paper documents?

The pandemic has brought the computer skills gap to the spotlight. We might have assumed everyone could make a video call or collaborate on a document before the pandemic, but this wasn’t the case.

A positive approach to technology and a little basic software training can help everyone make the most of no-contact working.


Someone suspects they or a family member have COVID-19? Let your employees know they won’t be penalized for staying home.

Otherwise they might take the risk, and hope that their fever is just part of a regular winter cold.

Let’s Clean Your Business After COVID-19 and Keep It That Way

Save The Day Restoration knows how important the health of your workforce is to you. And we’ll do a thorough job sanitizing your workplace against COVID-19.

Our team has years of experience in sanitation and disinfection, plus odor removal. So your business will look and smell great once we’ve finished. You’ll love stepping back into a spotless workspace with the peace of mind that it’s totally safe.

We can’t wait to get going cleaning your business after COVID-19 in Los Angeles. Or simply keeping your Southern California company safe from coronavirus. Just call us now at (562) 246-9908 or get in touch by email. Remember, we have 24/7 emergency services for your peace of mind.

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