Need Commercial Water Damage Restoration in Winter?

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Commercial water damage restoration in winter is a race against time. Every minute with a soggy office, factory or warehouse you can’t use is your money down the drain.

Water damage in a business can be even more extensive than in a home because commercial premises tend to be larger. There may be no-one inside at the weekend to keep an eye on things.

So how do you avoid winter water damage? And what should you do if you need water damage restoration?

How To Avoid The Need For Winter Water Damage Restoration

The best thing to do is prepare your business for the cold months with some simple tricks. Here’s what to do.

commercial water damage restoration for winters


Pipes can freeze and burst in winter. Especially the outdoor ones, but the indoor pipes too.

So when it gets really cold, make sure the inside of the building doesn’t freeze with it. Pipes can freeze even at 32 degrees if they’re at that temperature for a while.

And did you know, the average claim for water damage because of frozen pipes is over $10,000? That really throws a wrench into the works when you’re trying to enjoy the festive season.

Insulating pipe sleeves are cheap, easy to install and could save you a fortune.


Toilets in commercial premises are common culprits of winter water damage. Unlike at home, people tend to think someone else will deal with it.

But employees aren’t always to blame. Sometimes the problem is too far down to see. When clogged toilets meet freezing conditions, it can be a recipe for disaster.

So before the cold weather sets in, check the seals at the bottom of your company toilets are still intact. And that all the toilets flush properly.


We know you don’t want huge utility bills. But leaving the heating off completely is a false economy. Just compare it to the cost of your water damage claim from frozen pipes and the rise in premiums.

The pipes are usually somewhere out of the way, and cold. If you can, leave the cupboard doors open where they are. That way, the warm air from the central heating can do its work more efficiently.

HVAC Units

Winter is when HVAC units are working the hardest to heat your business so they’re more likely to break down.

And they should be serviced once a year anyway. So get your HVAC units serviced before the winter and there should be no chilly surprises.


Do you have a sprinkler system outside? Check the external pipes are properly insulated now before the weather gets too cold.

Likewise, commercial basements, garages and crawl spaces can get very cold in winter so do a pipe check now.


Take a look at the roof for cracks, loose parts and anything that could let in moisture. It’s better (and cheaper) to get it repaired before there are wet patches inside.

Check After Any Storms

A storm can cause new damage to your roof so make sure there aren’t any gaps you can’t see.


Are they properly sealed? How about condensation? A dehumidifier next to a damp window could be a smart choice.


Plants and especially trees can cause pipes and walls to crack and let the water in. How? Roots come up where you can’t see them and slowly cause damage.

winter water damage restoration for commercial buildings

Why Do You Need Winter Water Damage Restoration At Your Company?

You’re probably reading this because you have one of these three problems.


Most people call us about a leak. Water damage from roofs, pipes and toilets can be swift, and more expensive the longer you wait.

Storm Damage

November is typically when the rain starts to get heavy in California. Building damage from falling trees, branches or other flying debris can let the water in fast.

Flood Damage

Commercial premises are more likely to suffer flood damage if they’re located somewhere low-lying near the coast. Or downstream from reservoirs or dams.

After wildfire season is over in the fall, your business may be at greater risk of flooding. Why? Because water can flow more easily down a hill that has suffered a fire.

Can I Repair Winter Water Damage Myself?

You definitely shouldn’t try to mitigate winter water damage yourself. For one thing, you need specialist water extraction equipment, and training on how to use it.

And the risks are greater than what’s immediately obvious. It’s quite possible to electrocute yourself dealing with water damage inside a business, if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Also, the water can be dirtier than you’d hope. Anything involving a toilet should be left to the experts to avoid infection. And flood water? It can be just as bad. Because sometimes it can mix with sewer water on its journey to your business.

How Do We Carry Out Commercial Water Damage?

Winter can make water damage restoration slightly trickier. After all, in a cold snap, pipes can continually freeze up and thaw out again.

So the first thing we do is come in for a professional assessment of the water damage to your business. We’ll test the water for contamination if appropriate and get going with the water extraction. It doesn’t freeze too much in Southern California which is a good thing for water extraction.

Next we dry everything out. Cold weather means the drying process can take slightly longer than in other seasons, but we have powerful machines for this. Then we take care of sanitizing anything that has touched contaminated water or mold.

water damage restoration in winters

After all that we can get going on the repairs and restoration of your commercial premises.

Commercial Water Damage Could Mean Mold Too

Yuck. But yes.

The longer your office or warehouse has sitting water, the higher the risk of mold damage. If you have water damage, you need a company with 24/7 emergency services to get going fast. Then you can save money and eliminate the need for mold remediation.

If you already have mold in your commercial building, fear not. Once we finish the water extraction we’ll get going on the mold remediation.

Call Us Year-Round For Commercial Water Damage

Contact  Save the Day Restoration if you need commercial water damage restoration in winter. Remember, we offer 24/7 emergency services to get going on your water damage remediation as soon as possible. Give us a call now at (562) 246-9908 or drop us a line.

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