How To Get Rid of Mold on Your Ceilings

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Have you noticed green, yellow, or black stains forming on your once-pristine ceiling? Or, has a musty odor infiltrated your otherwise freshly-smelling home? If so, your house may be harboring an unwelcome guest; mold.

Mold infestations can happen in any home, no matter how clean it is. Whether it’s a leaking roof or persistent humidity in your attic, mold thrives in dark, damp environments. 

If you have mold growing on your ceiling, you should never attempt to tackle it yourself. Your DIY mold removal efforts will cause more harm than good. It can also be hazardous to your health.

Want to get rid of mold on your ceiling? Here’s why you should let the mold remediation specialists at Save the Day Restoration put an end to your mold problem. 

Health Hazards 

Most people can’t tell the difference between the common types of molds that can grow in their homes. If you try to clean mold off of your ceiling and its black mold, you’re jeopardizing your health. 

Mold can lead to various health issues, including bronchitis, headaches, watery eyes, fatigue, sneezing, and more. Depending on your sensitivity, mold exposure can also cause severe allergic reactions.

A professional mold removal company, like Save the Day Restoration, has the proper equipment to safely and efficiently remove mold. 

You Can Make the Problem Worse 

Not all molds are visible to the naked eye. You may assume that scrubbing that little green patch on your ceiling with bleach will solve your problems. Wrong! 

Typically, the mold you see is just the tip of the iceberg. Most mold infestations happen long before they become visible. If you only remove the mold you see, you’re not getting to the root of the problem.

Additionally, you might make the situation far worse than it already is. While attempting to remove the mold, you might accidentally release thousands of spores into the air. Mold spores will attach to nearby surfaces, including your clothes. This can cause the mold to spread to other areas of your home. 

Save the Day Restoration will uncover the unseen mold lurking behind your ceiling. We’ll also ensure no cross-contamination, so the mold infestation doesn’t spread. 

Fast and Effective 

Life moves quickly. Between hectic work schedules and family obligations, you might not have the time to handle your mold infestation immediately. Letting the problem persist will lead to even more costly repairs. It could also increase your family’s risk of health problems. 

Save the Day Restoration is available to respond to the situation right away. We’ll swiftly remove all of the mold spores in your home. 

Water Woes 

Mold is a telltale sign that your home might also have water damage. Clogged gutters, leaking roofs, and other problems can all cause water to seep into your ceiling. If you try to remove the mold yourself and don’t know you have water damage, the mold can resprout in as little as 48 hours.

Thankfully, Save the Day Restoration also specializes in water damage restoration. Our licensed, bonded, and insured technicians can remove the mold and repair any water damage. This ensures your home stays safe and secure. 

Have Mold on Your Ceiling? Call Save the Day Restoration Today 

If you have mold on your ceiling, contact Save the Day Restoration now. We’ll conduct a fast, thorough inspection of your home to identify the outbreak’s source accurately. Then, we’ll contain the mold and tarp the affected areas, so the problem doesn’t spread. We’ll remove the mold, conduct an air quality test, and eliminate any lingering odors. 

Contact us 24/7 at (562) 372-6790. We proudly serve the Los Angeles, Long Beach, Ventura, and Orange County residents.

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