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How To Prevent Mold In Your Home

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Mold makes your home look awful and it’s a major health hazard, especially for people with respiratory problems. Save The Day Restoration has helped hundreds of California homeowners get rid of mold in their homes for good.

Normally, mold damage is preventable. You can get mold in a number of different ways and we always advise our customers about how to stop it coming back again.

Here’s how to stop mold in its tracks, before it even thinks about invading your home.

Good Ventilation

Especially in rooms that get humid like bathrooms and kitchens.

Consider how much steam comes from cooking, showers, dishwashers, and driers. They can all make your home damp if you don’t use them carefully.

So make sure you always run the extractor fan, and that it vents outdoors. When the weather’s dry and warm, plan how you can leave some windows open without compromising your home security.

Keep It Moving

Ceiling fans don’t just make you feel more comfortable in summer. They are a great help in keeping the air moving and aiding home ventilation.

preventing molds with home ventilation

Give Your Furniture Room to Breathe

Most people never think of furniture as a mold risk. But does your furniture back against the wall? Mold likes to grow in overlooked, dark, unventilated places that are difficult to dry.

So be sure you’re not trapping any moisture behind beds, couches or closets. Moving furniture away from walls is an easy way to prevent mold damage in your home.

Check Dust Levels

Mold eats almost anything and that includes dust in your home. So bear in mind that this includes dirty filters in things like furnaces and HVAC equipment.

When you get your AC and heating serviced regularly you’ll reduce the overall dust levels in your home.

Run a Dehumidifier

Easy and cost-effective to run, dehumidifiers are perfect for places that regularly get damp.

Dehumidifier filters get dirty over time too though, so keep them clean to stop mold growing inside your device.

Fix Any Leaks Now

And feel underneath and around your sinks and water heaters every couple of months. And don’t forget the AC! Air conditioning units can leak too when improperly maintained.

Now you’ll be able to spot any leaks, moisture or damp patches early. Minor mold remediation fixes are cheaper too.

Get Your HVAC Equipment Serviced

Mold loves to live in pipes. And when HVAC equipment accumulates dust and dirt over time, mold has something to eat in there too.

Don’t give it the chance. Check the manufacturer’s instructions to see how often you should have your HVAC equipment serviced.

preventing mold with hvac service

Check Your Roof

You can’t control the humidity of your home if there are gaps or missing shingles in the roof. In winter especially the rain will seep in. Or pour in, depending on the state of the roof.

Then on humid days of course, the humidity will get right in too.

…and the Gutters

No-one ever claimed that gutters were glamorous. But they’re worth keeping an eye on.

Because if they get clogged up, the rainwater can drain right into the foundations of your home. And this can make the basement and walls wet or damp.

So get your gutters cleaned and checked for damage regularly. Gutters can easily be damaged after a storm, and often crack when they get too old.

gutter cleaning to prevent molds

Had Water Damage or a Flood?

Act sharp. If your home has flooded or suffered water damage, call in the experts right now.

Because mold can grow in as little as 24 hours. And with this in mind, Save The Day Restoration offers a 24 hour emergency service. It will save you money and hassle to simply prevent mold damage in your home from the start. We deal with odor removal, sanitation and disinfection too.

Is Your Home Humid?

If you enjoy a beautiful sea view, chances are the air holds a lot of moisture too.

So how do you know how humid it is inside your home? You can buy a low cost humidity meter that will keep track of it for you. Remember that the humidity levels may vary a lot, so you should check it at various times of day and throughout the year.

Mitigate the Moisture In Damp Areas

Maybe you notice condensation on some windows and surfaces but not on others. Drying it as soon as you see it will really help prevent mold in your home.

Basements and bathrooms are often damp anyway. So do you really need carpets in there? Removing old carpets (which may be gross anyway) will get rid of a huge mold risk. It’s the same for that basement couch you never use.

basement cleaning to prevent molds

Need To Do Some Painting?

Some good news. You can now buy household paint with mold inhibitors. Neat, right? It works from within to stop mold growing in the first place.

Build With Mold Prevention In Mind

You might want to find out how to build a home that is repellent to mold. There are a lot of effective strategies you can use, and building materials are getting more and more intelligent.

It’s essential to choose construction or reconstruction workers with plenty of expertise. A team like Save The Day Restoration knows all sorts of tricks like installing moisture barriers and waterproof concrete to keep moisture out.

Do You Have Mold In Your Home Right Now?

You’re in the right place. You need a reliable mold remediation company to assess the damage and then start the restoration process.

Just ask us about mold resistant materials that we can use in our mold remediation work for your home.

Ready For Professional Mold Removal?

You’ll breathe easy, once you eliminate that mold. Let Save The Day Restoration come and assess the mold in your home. Then we’ll take care of mold remediation, and everything that comes along with it like odor removal, sanitation and disinfection.

Our 24/7 emergency services mean you can call us right now at (562) 246-9908 or contact us by email.

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