Fire Damage Recovery & Restoration Guide

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Having a fire is a surreal experience and it’s easy to feel totally overwhelmed if the process isn’t handled swiftly and professionally. When you’ve just had a fire, you need the best fire damage restoration contractors for the job.

Here’s how Save The Day Restoration handles fire damage clean-up plus restoration at our customers’ homes around Los Angeles.

Types Of Fire Damage

When people think of fire damage they often just think of burned buildings. However, fire damage and restoration involves dealing with the secondary aspects of fire damage too.

Structural Damage To Your Home

Fire can destroy and weaken ceilings, floors, and walls in your home in a matter of minutes. The damage may be obvious by looking at it, or only apparent when we test the integrity of the building.

Smoke Damage

Smoke is a difficult smell to get rid of. Our fire damage clean-up team uses powerful air scrubbers and cleaning products to catch every last trace of it.

Smoke also leaves behind sticky soot.

Soot Damage

Soot is slightly harder to remove than smoke because it’s greasy. We clean it with degreasing agents and use vacuums if necessary in areas that are hard to reach.

Our fire damage cleaners will check power outlets and HVAC ducts for smoke and soot damage too. Left inside, soot could cause an electrical fire or you can simply continue to breathe it in.

What Can Soot And Smoke From Fire Damage Do To Your Body?

Because you usually don’t know exactly what burned to make the soot or smoke, it’s wise to be cautious with it.

The tiny particles can enter your body as you breathe, or even get in through your eyes. Once inside, they can cause no end of health issues including cancer and coronary heart disease. These effects can be even worse if you were unlucky enough to inhale smoke and soot when the fire was burning too.

Water Damage

Did the emergency services extinguish the fire in your home with water?

Water damage is a typical secondary issue resulting from a fire. Water may not seem nearly as alarming as fire, but dirty water can be toxic. And watch out for water that’s been standing for more than a day, because it can start to breed mold.

Like fire damage, water damage can weaken your home, especially anything porous like drywall and anything made of wood.

What Is Fire Damage Restoration?

Fire damage repair and restoration are more than just fixing the charred parts of the building.

First, our fire damage restoration contractors assess the whole area and see what type of damage there is.

There’s likely to be smoke and soot damage of course, and there’s often water damage and the mold damage that comes along with it. So we need to consider everything together before planning on how to tackle the fire damage.

What Should You Do Right After Fire Damage?

Get out and stay safe. Then after the firefighters have left, call Save The Day Restoration right away at (562) 246-9908.

If it’s safe to do so, shut off the gas and electricity supply. We’ll handle the rest, including securing your property from intruders.

You should call your insurance company promptly, too. They’ll likely want you to take photos of the damage and keep them informed about the fire damage recovery work.

How Do You Repair A Fire Damaged Property?

Our experienced fire damage restoration contractors remove all the debris and if necessary pump out any residual water that the firefighters left behind. Then we get to work making your home structurally safe again. We rebuild to an excellent standard so your home’s stronger than ever.

And the job’s not complete without total odor removal, sanitization, and air quality checks.

How Do You Get Rid Of Smoke Damage From A Fire?

The smell of smoke can linger longer than you’d like. And it can be very dangerous. Smoke particles are tiny and get right into your lungs. The problem is that you don’t know what burned to make them. So if it’s plastic or chemicals for example the smoke can be toxic to your family and your pets.

Professional fire damage cleaners will remove all the smoke damage and run air filters to catch any tiny smoke particles still circulating.

How Long Does Fire Restoration Take?

There are a number of factors when estimating a timescale for fire damage recovery.

  • The size of the fire.

  • How much we have to rebuild.

  • How much smoke and soot damage there is.

  • To what extent soot has traveled inside areas like HVAC equipment and power outlets.

  • Whether there was additional water damage. And if so…

  • If there was mold damage from the water damage.

Contact our fire damage repair and restoration team for a better idea of how long it will take based on your circumstances.

Can I Do Fire Damage Restoration Myself?

Some homeowners wonder whether they could repair the damage to their homes by themselves. However, it’s a bad idea for a number of reasons.

  • Fire-damaged homes usually have several hidden structural dangers.

  • By law you need to follow strict building regulations when restoring a home.

  • It’s easy for homeowners to accidentally make the damage worse.

  • If you make a mistake, your insurance could be invalid in the future.

  • Doing this work for the first time is likely to be very time-consuming.

Fire Damage And Insurance

Our team is used to dealing with insurance companies on behalf of our customers.

The good news is that a standard homeowner’s insurance policy will cover accidental fires inside your home and outdoor space.

You just have to make sure you inform your insurance company about the fire as soon as possible and keep them up to date with what our fire damage restoration contractors are doing.

If you wait, the damage will only get worse and your insurance company may not cover it.

Where Can You Stay After A Fire?

If you can’t stay in your home safely, your homeowner’s insurance should pay out for “loss of use.” That means you can stay in a hotel if fire personnel tell you not to stay at your home.

Check your policy for information on your deductible and what proportion of these costs, known as “additional living expenses” your insurance will cover.

Preventing Another Fire At Your Home

Our experienced fire damage restoration team will let you know the best ways to prevent fires at your home in the future. Below are three typical ways that fires start, plus how to keep fire safe.


fire damage recovery and prevention

That’s right, unattended cooking on the stove is the number one cause of fires at home. Here’s how to cook more safely.

  • Make sure you’re alert whenever you cook.

  • Be present with your food, don’t leave the room.

  • Store flammable items such as wooden spoons and napkins away from the stove.

Electrical Malfunctions

Faulty or damaged wiring and electronic items malfunctioning result in an incredible 40,000 fires annually.

All too often, people take shortcuts with electricals that they think will be OK. Remember this to keep your home safe from fire damage.

  • Large appliances need their own power outlet in the wall, don’t use an extension cord for several of them.

  • Make sure that electrical cords don’t run under carpets or under doorways, where they can get too hot or damaged easily.

  • Get an electrician for all electrical work rather than doing it yourself.


Fire departments respond to over 7,000 fires caused by candles every year. Here’s how to avoid being part of the next set of statistics.

  • When you’re planning to light a candle, check the space. Because the candle needs to be clear of anything flammable by a foot or more.

  • Don’t burn candles the whole way down.

  • In the panic of a power outage, people forget candle safety. So the best thing is to have flashlights on hand instead of candles.

Planning Fire Fighting And Smoke Detection Equipment For Your Restored Home

Now you’re determined to stay safe from fire in the future, this is what you should consider equipping your restored home with.

Fire Extinguishers

Put one prominently in the kitchen and make sure everyone knows how to use it. It’s a good idea to put fire extinguishers on each floor of your home and near heat sources.

Automatic Sprinkler System

These are perfect for preventing fires because they’ll put the fire out even if you’re not home. If there’s a small fire, they’ll kick in as soon as the sprinklers detect a predetermined heat level.

Smoke Detectors

Have these installed in the center of the ceilings, at least a foot away from walls and lights. This is because smoke rises and this position is the best to detect smoke quickly.

You should place a smoke detector inside and outside each bedroom and on every floor.

Your New Home Fire Safety Exit Plan

Having a fire is a terrible shock. And part of the healing process is releasing that stress.

You’ll sleep much more soundly knowing that you have a good plan in place to get out if there were ever a fire in the future.

Make sure that you define these fire safety points in advance to keep everyone safe.

  • Everyone knows the fastest way to get out of the building.

  • Paths to the exits are kept clear.

  • All the doors open easily from the inside.

  • There’s adequate emergency lighting in the event of a power outage.

  • An alternative escape route is available if necessary.

How To Fireproof Your Home

Once we’ve restored your home beautifully, you’ll want to keep it that way. There are 10 easy ways to help keep the fire at bay.

  1. Minimize flammable clutter such as boxes of papers.

  2. Install fire doors and close them at night.

  3. Check your roof is fireproof.

  4. Get dual pane windows fitted, that stand up to fire better.

  5. Use fire retardant paint.

  6. Keep on top of pest control, especially pests that can nibble wiring like squirrels.

  7. Don’t keep kindling indoors, or near the home.

  8. Create a fire-resistant barrier around your home with gravel or concrete.

  9. Remove dry plants and dead leaves promptly.

  10. Replace dry vegetation with succulents and fire-resistant trees.

How Much Does Fire Damage Remediation Cost?

It’s impossible to put a firm figure on fire damage costs upfront without having a close look at your property. However, here are some points we’ll factor in when calculating the cost of fire damage remediation.

  • How difficult or dangerous it is to enter your property.

  • How much soot, smoke, or water damage there is alongside the fire damage.

  • The extent of structural remediation we need to do.

  • How much of your home we can salvage versus how much we need to remove and rebuild.

  • Whether we need to replace furniture and appliances.

These parts of your home may also be affected, which will increase the cost of fire damage repairs.

  • Pipes.

  • Wiring.

  • Walls.

  • Ceilings.

  • Floors.

  • The roof.

  • HVAC equipment.

What Licensing Should I Look For When Searching For Fire Damage Recovery Contractors?

Not just anyone can carry out reliable and safe fire damage restoration. Make sure you choose Save The Day Restoration because we have the appropriate licensing, as well as insurance.

IICRC Certification

Or to give it its full name, the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification. The IICRC is a nonprofit body certifying highly skilled contractors like the Save The Day Restoration team.

IICRC Certification means we have to keep up to date on the latest developments in the world of disaster restoration and conduct work to an extremely high standard.

California State License Board

Similarly, our active CSLB license proves we’re top of our field in fire damage restoration and reconstruction.

Why Hire Save The Day For Fire Damage Restoration?

It’s vital to choose the best team for the job when you need fire damage clean-up. We’ll come over to your property right away to assess the damage, and stay by your side throughout the whole restoration process.

Dealing with fire damage and restoration is a difficult job and it needs to be done right the first time. You’ve had enough stress with the fire and now it’s time to let a responsible third party handle it.

When you call Save The Day Restoration, here’s what you can look forward to.

  • Fully licensed and insured fire damage restoration contractors.

  • 15 years of experience.

  • Happy to liaise with your insurance company for you.

  • Free quote.

  • Swift removal of damaged parts of your home.

  • Powerful equipment to make short work of the fire damage.

  • We handle all related damage like water damage and smoke damage.

  • Attractive rebuilds that are stronger than ever.

  • Thorough odor removal.

  • Air quality checks for toxic smoke particles.

  • Your home is left totally clean and healthy to move back into.

Call Los Angeles’ Leading Fire Damage Restoration Contractors Today

Save the Day Restoration is the clear choice when you need fire damage cleaners and restorers in Los Angeles. We’re highly rated, fully licensed, and insured.

You can call us in an emergency 24/7 at (562) 246-9908 or email us at [email protected]. Alternatively, please contact us through our website contact form.

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