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Manhattan Beach is the northernmost of the three “Beach Cities.” And is located to the south of downtown Los Angeles, along with Hermosa Beach and Redondo Beach.

The city has over 2 miles of coastline and a population of around 35,000 people. The name was actually chosen as a result of a coin flip! At the turn of the 20th century, developer Stewart Miller won coin toss. And he chose to name the newly settled stretch of coastline “Manhattan” after his home borough in New York City.

It was officially incorporated into the State of California in 1912 and “Beach” was added to the name in 1927. The gorgeous stretch of beach continues to attract nearly 4 million visitors each year. And it’s been a popular filming site of movies, TV shows and music videos for decades.

However, the city’s proximity to the ocean also presents homeowners with certain issues. Specifically, those related to corrosion and elevated moisture levels.

Water Damage Restoration In Manhattan Beach

Living close to the ocean certainly has its perks. But one drawback is that homes located along the coast are at a greater risk for plumbing corrosion.

The salt water corrodes your pipes at a faster rate, thus making your home more susceptible to leaks and flooding. Unfortunately, homeowners are usually unaware of this corrosion until it is too late. And their floors or walls show signs of water damage as a result.

If you notice signs of leaks or flooding in your home, don’t hesitate to call in a professional water damage restoration company. We’ll assess and remedy the situation as soon as possible.

The longer you wait, the more extensive the damage and the cost of repairs becomes. 

Trustworthy Water, Fire, And Mold Damage Professionals In Manhattan Beach

Water, fire and mold damage can be devastating and disruptive to your life. If your Manhattan Beach property has suffered from any of these disasters, Save the Day Restoration can help you restore it back to its original state. For more information about our certified, licensed, bonded, and insured company, we encourage you to read more about us

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