Does Insurance Cover Smoke Damage?

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There are many smoke damage restoration companies in California, but Save The Day Restoration has the most experience in dealing with smoke damage insurance claims. We can even prepare and submit documents to your insurance company on your behalf. Here’s what you need to know.

A closer look at smoke damage in your home

Smoke is serious. Whether it’s from a fire at your home, a neighbor’s home, or the result of a wildfire. It’s all highly toxic to your body.

Smoke is also highly corrosive so the sooner it’s gone from your home, the better. And smoke comes with soot, of course. Soot is acidic and can stain and corrode plastic items such as TVs and microwaves.

Will insurance cover smoke damage?

Yes, you’ll be relieved to learn you will have smoke damage insurance coverage in the vast majority of cases. And home insurance will also cover ash and soot damage. This is the case even if you have the most basic one, which is known as an HO3 policy.

Does smoke damage insurance cover a fire from outside my home?

Yes, the smoke doesn’t need to be from a fire on your property. Insurance companies understand that smoke from a neighboring property or wooded area can also damage your home.

Loss of use

Does your home smell of smoke now? This is dangerous as well as emotionally traumatic.

Smoke damage is toxic, so consider whether it’s safe to breathe inside your home. If you can’t stay in your home safely then check whether you’re covered for “loss of use.” Your insurance company may cover you to stay elsewhere, for example a hotel, during the restoration process.

We know you want to get back to your home as soon as you can, so be sure to call Save The Day Restoration for swift, top quality smoke damage restoration.

Open peril versus named peril

Take a look at your insurance policy. Smoke damage may or may not not be specifically mentioned depending on which type you have.

Open peril

Open peril (also called “special form”) will cover for any direct loss to your property. Then it will have a list of certain exclusions, called “perils.” An example of something commonly excluded from standard homeowners insurance is flood damage. However, a standard homeowners contract will include smoke damage.

Named peril

This is also known in the trade as “broad form.” So what is it? This is where your insurance company will provide a list of “named perils” that it will cover for, including smoke damage.

Peril: the bottom line

In both cases you should be aware that smoke damage is covered only if it was sudden and accidental. If the smoke damage was the result of negligence, that’s another story.

How to claim for smoke damage

You obviously want to get the full amount that you’re entitled to. So read the smoke damage clause carefully, and take these steps.

how to claim for smoke damage

  • Call your insurance company immediately to report the smoke damage

  • Take clear photos or videos of the damage

  • Call Save The Day Restoration, 24/7 emergency services

  • Begin compiling all the documentation for your claim. We can help you with this.

Renters insurance and smoke damage

Does renters insurance cover smoke damage? Yes. You may even be covered if you need to stay elsewhere. However, if you have expensive items such as fine art or jewelry you will probably need separate coverage.

Smoke damage from wildfires

Does my homeowners’ insurance policy cover smoke damage from wildfires? Usually yes, but check your coverage. In areas which are susceptible to wildfires, some insurance companies specifically exclude fire and smoke damage from wildfires.

Another thing to note about wildfires. When they happen, victims can be among hundreds who lose their homes in the same area. So demand for smoke remediation services rises, as does the price of services.

But your insurance payout will stay the same. For this reason, it’s worth getting comprehensive cover against smoke damage from wildfires.

How do we carry our professional smoke damage restoration?

It’s important to get a great team first time, so that the repair work on your home is also covered by your insurance. Don’t worry, Save The Day Restoration is fully licensed and insured so you’re totally safe.

Safety assessment

First we do a safety assessment of the whole property. Is it hazardous to enter? Often our clients need fire damage restoration work at the same time.

does insurance cover smoke damage


We test the air and the smoke particles in it. Microscopic smoke particles can be deadly, depending on what was burned in the first place.


Fabrics absorb smoke smells easily. Our team can check whether fabrics like curtains and couches are able to be cleaned up, or whether you should claim on insurance. We’ll make sure to take photos of anything you need for the insurance claim.


We wipe down hard surfaces and use powerful chemicals to tackle anything toxic. Removing the soot allows us to plan how to carry out the smoke restoration.


Does the wood have fire damage, too? If so, we can sand down the surface to eliminate any discoloration and lingering smoke odor. If firefighters put out a fire in your home, the wood may also have water damage. This shows up in swelling or warping.


Smoke and soot damage can leave ugly stains on your walls, ceilings and floors. Our professionals can treat these stains with chemicals to eliminate them. Then we restore the damaged area to how it was before.

Smoke damage at your Southern California home? Call Save The Day Restoration

Searching for a great smoke damage restoration company? Look no further because our professional team is available right now with 24/7 emergency services. We can advise on smoke damage insurance cover and everything related to it.

Call our friendly team about soot and smoke damage, fire damage and odor removal at (562) 246-9908 or get in touch by email. Let’s get your home back in great shape.

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