How To Restore Your Home After Fire Or Water Damage

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Why You Should Contract A Disaster Restoration Company

After the shock of a fire, water damage or flood, some homeowners consider tackling the repair job themselves. However, it’s smarter to get professional fire or water damage restoration services for your home in Los Angeles for a number of reasons.

Minimize Your Stress

You have more than enough to take in right now. It’s important to protect your mental health and not take on too much.


In addition to the stress you’re under, you probably have enough to deal with in terms of insurance, living arrangements and so on. It just makes sense to leave the job to a good disaster repair company. That way, we can plan out how to restore your home.

When you hire a licensed and insured restoration company like Save The Day Restoration you can breathe more easily, knowing your home is in good hands.

Restoration Work You Can Rely On For Years

Disaster restoration is more complex than people realize. It takes years of experience to know the best course of action to take according to the situation.

When you leave it to a professional team we do a great job, and you can get back to normal faster too. It’s easy to settle into your home again, knowing that everything is structurally sound.

Fire Damage Restoration

The fire statistics are pretty sobering.

According to the National Fire Protection Association, there’s a home fire in the USA every 89 seconds. If this was your home, you’re in the right place for professional fire damage restoration and cleanup.

Don’t Make These Mistakes With The Fire Damage Cleanup

When homeowners come back to their properties after a fire, they tend to make two mistakes.

Mistake #1.  Entering Their Homes Again Too Soon

restoring home after fire damage

We’re so familiar with our homes that people often don’t see the hidden risks after a fire. However, it’s extremely dangerous to enter a building that has recently had a fire. Just think about the following.

  • Risk of electric shock.

  • Debris.

  • Risk of floors, walls and ceilings collapsing.

  • Smoke and soot inhalation.

Mistake #2. Calling The Fire Damage Restoration Services Too Late

The faster we can get started on the fire damage cleanup the better. If your home is exposed to the elements now, it will only get structurally weaker the longer you leave it.

Consider smoke damage restoration. It’s easier and quicker to get rid of the stains caused by smoke the sooner we get onto it.

How Should You Deal With Fire Damage? The Main Steps

Fire damage cleanup and restoration is a complex task that needs to be carried out by professionals. We have the equipment and know-how to eliminate the risks of injury to ourselves and to you. And of course, we know how to do an excellent job restoring your home.

Here’s an overview of how professional fire damage restoration services will approach getting home back to how it was before the fire.

  • Confirm the property is safe to enter.

  • Tarping and boarding up where necessary for your security.

  • Pump out any water left by firefighters and dry the area.

  • Remove soot, ash and debris.

  • Smoke damage restoration.

  • Fire damage restoration.

  • Deodorizing, stain removal and deep cleaning.

  • Air quality testing.

At the end of the process, your home will be stronger than ever with no risk of airborne toxins from smoke.

Water Damage Restoration

Water damage certainly doesn’t sound as serious as fire damage. However, there can be more risks than you’d hope.

What Should I Do Immediately After Water Damage?

As you’ll know, water is extremely heavy, so it can permanently damage floors, foundations and anything else that has to bear its weight.

restoring water damage

Additionally, in as little as 24 hours, mold can start to grow on damp areas.

This means it’s absolutely vital to get in touch with a licensed water damage restoration company like Save The Day Restoration immediately. We offer emergency flood services and urgent water damage services to get going in your Los Angeles home as fast as possible.

How Long Does Water Damage Take To Go Away?

Some homeowners hope the water will dry up by itself.

However, if there’s a lot of water it could take weeks. In that time, of course, your home would be at risk of mold, warping and other permanent structural damage.

How Do You Dry Out Water Damaged Walls?

A good water damage restoration company will pump out the pooled water, and then use powerful fans to dry the area.

Why You Shouldn’t Attempt Water Damage Cleanup Yourself

Some people first attempt to dry their homes out themselves, but it’s a bad choice. Here’s why.

It’s Dangerous

Electrocution. Inhaling toxic mold spores. Coming into contact with sewage.

These are just a few of the ways that homeowners can make a flood or leak even worse.

We Have Specialist Equipment

fire damage restoration by professionals

Drywall, floorboards and carpets to mention a few really don’t do well when exposed to water. If you’re not in the business, you won’t have the powerful equipment that we do to pump out the water and dry your home fast.

The sooner you hire a licensed water damage restoration company, the less water damage your home will suffer. So that means the more straightforward and economical the restoration job will be too.

Still have questions? If you want to learn what are the risks of DIY sewage flood cleanup, check out our article.

Professional Water Damage Restoration Steps

You need emergency flood services or water damage services that offer a comprehensive plan of action, like Save The Day Restoration. Here’s what we can do for your home.

  • Immediate site inspection and safety assessment.

  • Tarping and boarding to prevent more water entering, and deter intruders.

  • Water extraction and drying.

  • Sewage cleanup where necessary.

  • Dehumidifying.

  • Disinfection and sanitation.

  • Odor removal.

  • Air quality testing.

Getting back into your home again will be a pleasure, and you’ll be back in sooner than you’d think.

Looking For A Great Disaster Restoration Company? Call Save The Day Restoration

Let’s get your home back in great shape again, sharp. Your home will be in the best hands with Los Angeles’ leading restoration team. We’re licensed and insured, and have years of experience restoring homes like yours.

Call us about your fire damage or water damage 24/7 or fill out a quick form.

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