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Spring Cleaning: 5 Tips for Personal and Fire Safety

Spring cleaning fire safety tips

Getting Your House in Order? Make Sure It Is Fire-Safe While You Spring-Clean

Here in California, fire safety isn’t just a lingering threat anymore. The past few years have shown us that our whole world can come crashing – or burning – down around us in an instant. It makes sense for us to be forward-thinking, planning out ways to keep our homes safe.

Since this time of year is perfect for a good spring cleaning and disinfecting, let’s take that extra time to ensure our homes are as fire-proof as possible. Use this article to guide you towards a safer home, a happier family, and having one less thing to worry about when the heat of summer rolls in

Fire Damage in California: Facts to Shock You

Before we dive in, let’s look at some sobering statistics that might convince you as to why you need to fire-proof your home.

Fire damage in California hasn’t been limited to homes, although anyone living there has a fire loss and damage story to tell. It burned up fields and forest, amounting to over 2.5 miles. The fire that raged in 2020 damaged over 10,000 homes and destroyed businesses that didn’t have the right kind of insurance.

Last year, the wildfires burned 4.397,809 acres of land and caused $12 billion in damages and that was only the third most costly fire in the state since records began. Putting it into the simplest possible terms: not taking time to make your home fire-proof is going to cost you money and maybe even your life. Fires in the state have gotten so bad that there is a map for it.

Now that we have those serious facts out of the way, let’s talk about how you can go about making your home as safe as houses before wildfire season kicks in.

Top Tips on Fire-Proofing Your Home During the Spring Clean

It’s true! Our spring-cleaning tips will help you keep the fire at bay, while still making your home spick and span.

Out in the garden

  • Gardening for Fire Safety

If you want to fireproof your home, getting rid of scrub or dried up vegetation in your yard is a massive first step – and is part of everyone’s spring-cleaning routine. If there is nothing in your garden that burns, it is likely to protect your property by creating a fire break.

If you can afford to, think about replacing any vegetation in your garden with gravel or stone slabs. Placing plants in pots means you can move them, should a fire break out nearby. This maximizes your safety at a minimum cost, particularly if you clear away vegetation and leave nothing but dirt.

  • Fire Resistant Plants!

Fire-retardant plants are a real thing! Ever heard of the phrase “green doesn’t burn”? It came about through trying to set fire to certain plants unsuccessfully. When you decide to spring-clean to protect your home from fire, try the following plants to slow the spread:

  • High moisture plants like succulents
  • Hedging roses, honeysuckles, berries, and shrub apples all slow fire.
  •  If you must plant trees, try maple, poplar, or cherry trees for their ability to prevent fire damage to your property.

The Ready for Wildfire movement has useful information on fire-proofing your garden here.

Inside the House

Learn how to fire-proof your house against potential Californian wildfires, in the section below.

  • Smoke Alarms

Don’t just install smoke alarms, test them every week or two to make sure they are working. They are your first point of safety in the middle of the night. They are also a legal requirement across a multitude of states.

While you are up there dusting or painting during your spring clean, install and test some fire alarms. They might be what gets you and your kids out in the middle of the night.

  • Fire Extinguishers 

Similarly, while you are doing the kitchen spring clean, devote some space in the cupboards for a fire extinguisher. A good one to have in the home will have an ABC rating, which allows them to fight flammable liquids, combustible products, and fight gases, all in one.

A fire extinguisher is a small price to pay when compared to the expense of a new house and future higher insurance premiums. Just do it. It’s not a purchase that needs to be reasoned out.

  • Mind Your Chemicals

If you are going all-out on the spring clean, consider the chemicals you are using and whether they linger. If they stick around until fire season, you could be bringing about your own downfall with their use.

Keep chemicals inside the house to a minimum. You should always try to buy non-flammable goods or at least non-combustible ones. On top of this, picking up some fire-retardant spray can work wonders for bolstering the home fire defenses. There are a huge range of products available in stores, including fabric protection spray, heat barrier sprays, and even fire breaker sprays for you to choose from.

Act Now – Fire Can Take More Than Possessions From You

A good spring clean won’t do enough to keep the fire at bay – not if you live in California. To make sure you get the fire protection you need to keep your family safe this summer, hire the experts at Save The Day Restoration.

Our dedicated, fully licensed team will attend any fire damage restoration needed, leaving you free to worry about spring cleaning the rest of your home… and no more than that. We provide an exemplary service that is second to none. 

If you would like to take advantage of it, contact Save the Day Restoration on (562) 246-9908, email us at [email protected], or fill out our online contact form and one of our crew will get back to you, ASAP.

You never know when a fire will strike. Prepare your home and give yourself the best chance at fighting back.

 You can also fill out our form here for a free consultation.

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