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Protect Your Home from Water Damage

Damaged pipe with leaking water

At Save the Day Restoration we come to the rescue when Los Angeles homeowners have experienced water damage. This means that water extraction, drying and sanitizing the area and professional water damage restoration will be taken care of.

Over the years, we’ve advised countless homeowners on how to avoid this situation in the first place. So, perhaps it’s time to consider what to do if a sudden leak springs.

Water splashing in front of blue sky

Oh No, There’s Water Spraying Everywhere!

First things first. A burst pipe or fast-flowing leak can do an extraordinary amount of water damage in just a few seconds. In this case, your best friend is the…

Water Supply Valve

When faced with this situation, it’s very important to know how to stop the leak at the source immediately. People try in vain to just plug it, but this can end up doing even more damage.

You probably know where the water shut-off valve is in your home, right? RIGHT? Well, the odds are you’re reading this because you’re the one who deals with things like that anyway.

But more importantly, does everyone in your family know how to shut the water off? If a sudden leak occurs while you’re out, you want to be sure that everyone in your home knows how to do this.

And be sure to turn the water off when you go on vacation too. That way you won’t come home to any soggy surprises that require water damage restoration.

White sink with running faucet.

Protecting the Inside Of Your Home from Water Damage

Notice an unusually high water bill last month? If you can’t figure out how you used so much water, there’s a chance you may have a slow leak.

Slow leaks can sneak up on you if you don’t inspect your home for moisture. Get in the habit of checking ceilings for leaks or discoloration as well as water heater hoses. Any hose or pipe that has a crack needs to be replaced right away.

Keep appliances like washing machines and dishwashers maintained according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

It’s best to check each room in turn for the first sign of leaks and water damage.

Laundry Room

It probably won’t surprise you that incoming washing machine hoses are one of the main causes of water damage. And they can cause a LOT of damage quickly.  It’s a good idea to regularly feel underneath them for any moisture accumulation.


Likewise, get down and do a check below your sink for moisture under and around the pipes. Do the same for your dishwasher.

If you have a refrigerator with an icemaker, it will need to be checked too.


A leaky toilet can waste up to 100 gallons of water for every day it’s broken. That’s a lot of water damage! Be sure to check for leaks around the toilet as well as inside and under the sink cabinets.


Your basement is a prime target for water damage, so a lot of our water extraction work is done on basements.

To protect your basement from water damage before it starts, remove everything from the floor that would otherwise be ruined.

Consider which sentimental items would be destroyed in the event of water damage or a flood. Old school photos? Artwork? Souvenirs from your travels? They would be better off stored somewhere where there’s no risk of flooding.

For any remaining belongings, store them higher up on your shelving in waterproof boxes.
If you want to learn more about how to restore your home after being hit with fire or water damage check out our blog.

Roof with blue sky above

Protecting the Outside of Your Home from Water Damage

Roof and Attic

A key reason homeowners need water extraction services is because of roof leaks, so your roof needs to be checked inside and out.

If your roof’s not accessible, get a professional to do a check for you. They can locate any damp spots and stains in the attic, and ensure that the roof is intact.

Gutters and Downspouts

Have all of the eaves on your house checked for leaves and moss.

And keep an eye out to see if your gutter has started sagging or is coming away from the wall. That means it’s not draining properly and water is likely pouring down to your basement and your home’s foundation.


Take a look at your sprinklers and irrigation system. If they leak or they’re incorrectly positioned, the water could be damaging your walls, foundation and basement.

External Pipes

Exposed pipes need to be properly insulated because they can burst, even in the midst of a mild Los Angeles winter. In fact, this is the main reason Save the Day Restoration gets called for water extraction.

Often all it takes for a pipe to burst is a pressure change. Other factors such as improper installation or mineral buildup from hard California water can lead to this issue too.

Let’s Get Your Home Dry Again!

Have you had a water damage disaster in your home? The Save the Day Restoration team are experts in water extraction. If you want to learn more about water damage restoration, we prepared this guide for you: “The Complete Guide To LA Water Damage Restoration”. For over 15 years, we’ve come to the rescue of Los Angeles homeowners who need water damage restoration. Call us and tell us what you need or send us a message.

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