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Compton is also known as “Hub City” due to its central location within LA County. And it’s one of the oldest cities in California.

The city was named after Griffith Dickenson Compton, who led a group of 30 pioneers to settle in the area in 1867. Compton’s population grew to over 500 across the next two decades. And it became the eighth city to be incorporated into the state in May of 1888.

The population now fluctuates around 100,000 residents. Today, Compton is perhaps best-known as a rich cultural hub that spawned successful hip-hop artists like NWA and Kendrick Lamar. Plus, a host of successful athletes, most notably tennis icons the Williams sisters as well.

Because Compton has been densely settled for the better part of a century, most of the homes in the city are several decades old.

This makes Compton homeowners more susceptible to fires and plumbing issues. It’s the natural result of outdated construction materials and building codes. 

Water Damage Restoration In Compton

Older homes are at a greater risk for plumbing problems that lead to leaks and floods. That’s because the materials unavoidably corrode over time.

Sometimes, smaller leaks can be managed without the assistance of a professional. However, if a pipe bursts, it can also expose you and your family to toxic substances, particularly if it contains raw sewage.

So if you recognize signs of leaks or flooding in your Compton home or business, you should call in a professional water damage restoration company. We’ll make sure to assess and remedy the situation.

Remember, the more you wait, the worse the damage becomes. And that means the cost of repairs will only increase. 

Trustworthy Water, Fire, And Mold Damage Professionals In Compton

Water, fire and mold damage can seriously interrupt the lives of you and your family. If your Compton property has suffered from any of these disasters, Save the Day Restoration can help you restore it back to its pre-damage condition. For more information about our certified, licensed, bonded, and insured restoration company, we encourage you to read more about us

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